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There is beauty in Elleni's brokenness and grace in her pain and he loves her because she introduced him to the Lover of his Soul, but when his past comes knocking, he could lose it all, even her. Can he let go of what he holds most dear? Will he believe in the midst of it all?




We  are bombarded with one of two core philosophies. The first is that God is dead. Schools aggressively continue to cast aside the notion of any moral center and instead are taking the place of both the family unit and the church. The second core philosophy is the idea of simply putting our heads in the sand and pretending these evils of the world do not exist. Dreamer is an important work because it confronts both philosophies head-on.
D.S. is brave enough to challenge the church to look at real-world issues that the youth of today
are facing while at the same time making it be known the only real answer to facing
these problems is through God’s Word.
-Patrick R. Lewis, PODCASTER



When I first moved to the town of Pinellas Park, Florida from Costa Rica, I didn't know how to speak English. Call it luck or call it skill, by the fourth grade I could speak fluently and was able to write my first poem, for the first time discovering my love for writing. Ever since, I've used this outlet to cope, to express, and to create. It is my belief that God gave me writing as a gift. It seems only fitting that I would use it to honor and glorify Him!  



I first set out on my journey to write Dreamer when I was pregnant, jobless, and (quite frankly) sick of watching Netflix. One afternoon I was watching an especially cheesy Christian movie when I thought to myself, 'Even I could write a better story than this!' At which time I felt the Holy Spirit challenge, 'Then do it!' That for me marked the beginning of a long, at times seemingly hopeless, but overall amazing and rewarding experience!

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On her thirteenth birthday, Elleni Salgado lost her childhood friend to a devastating tragedy. The years have passed and despite the gaping hole of loss in her heart, Elleni seems to have found comfort in her hilarious Hispanic family, a wacky southern counselor, and her faith in Christ.

Now a talented songwriter on the verge of seventeen, Elleni is plagued by nightmares which send her running to "The Spot," her childhood haven. It is there that she unexpectedly meets the handsome Julian Rossi, a young drug dealer convinced he has no reason to live.

When Elleni’s youth group makes plans to embark on a road trip to Grace Place Camp, one state away, she thinks it the perfect place for Julian to find the answers he’s been looking for. But she will have her own truth to dig up, a secret that, until now, she thought had been buried four years ago...

along with her best friend.